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Clean energy and sustainable resources for progress and the planet.

FGMSolar: The technology of the future to help the present.


Our philosophy

FGMSolar deals with sustainable energy, with the vision of transforming it into numerous opportunities for growth for the planet and the community, and turning the “future” into a not too distant present.

We are experts of the sector with a single goal: to ensure a sustainable future for the next generations and hand them over the tools to transform eco-sustainability into a guarantee.

For this reason, sustainability and collaboration are the solid foundations on which FGM Solar stands to revolutionize the way each of us interacts with energy.


Generating clean and green energy, which brings the community and the planet together in an essential communion. Through our tools and technologies, we aim to completely transform energy production processes making them 100% ecological. In over 8 years since its foundation, FGM has perfected execution speed and raised the quality standards of each project, and continues to do so to guarantee an impeccable service every time.


Contributing to generate the world’s energy needs in a safe and sustainable way.


We have over XX years of experience in the field of engineering supply, and we are constantly looking for the ultimate generation equipment that works in total respect of nature and that will help carry our vision forward.

What we build

Revolutionary technology to power our future.


Latest generation equipment.

For a greener future. When it comes to quality, we make no compromises. Here at FGM Solar we are aware of the importance of the “equipment” factor when it comes to taking care of a project, and for this reason we invest in the latest generation machinery and keep our inventory up to date. ATLAS COPCO compressors, Milwaukee e Pile-driving machines MGI, IRPINE machines, Comacchio drilling machines, and many other jewels of modern technology make up our powerful arsenal.


Solar energy solutions.

Photovoltaic panels are technological devices capable of exploiting solar energy for the production of electricity or for heating domestic water.

They help reduce carbon emissions and reduce the consumption of fossil fuels, and represent an important tool with which each of us can contribute to the future of the planet.


Our steady commitment.

The use of renewable energy is one of the most important practices that the whole of humanity can undertake to reduce the environmental impact.

In order to minimize the price that our planet has to pay to support us, it is necessary to abandon fossil sources for energy production and to find out about all possible renewable sources available. In order to reach this goal, FGM Solar strives every day to broaden its range of action and make the present greener, also by acting to the rescue of situations that seem irreparable, too often caused by those who are not competent enough in the sector.


Your Energy Partner

Investing in FGM Solar means investing in a cleaner future where energy does not rob the country of important resources.

We are always looking for new partners who want to help in the realization of this vision and take part in building a more sustainable future.

Please consider FGM Solar for your construction service needs. I recommend them and look forward to working with them again.
Maurizio Luvera
Project Manager Goldbeck Solar GmbH

We are pioneers of the energy revolution needed to help reduce our ecological footprint, taking care of advancing sustainability ideals through a diverse range of services.

We take care of the design and installation of numerous electrical activities, followed in detail by qualified professionals. Our range of services includes (but is not limited to): CCTV, grounding, monitoring systems, low, medium, and high voltage work, concrete foundations, and cable termination of all types.

Have a project in mind, but don't want to take care of its execution? We'll do that for you: We will manage your project within the timeframe and budget indicated by forging a winning partnership. Here at FGM, we are not advocates of cookie-cutter projects, which would leave those who rely on us unsatisfied. For this reason, each of our projects is tailor-made for you and your needs, and customized according to the complexity and size of the goal.

We always implement the latest, cutting-edge techniques, use ultimate generation machinery, and organize updated and constant training courses for the members of our team, so that we are never taken aback and can always provide the best possible service.

Our Solutions

Energy services

A proper revolution in the urban way of living that does not rob the future of opportunities.


RESULT-oriented Professionals: We build a green world.

We offer our clientele a wide range of services that leave no room for inaccuracies and mistakes.

Starting from the design of small off-grid power systems, to the development of some of the world’s most important projects for solar energy production, our team of experts moves with only one goal in mind: To provide quality and results that you can experience first-hand.

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A greener future


A sustainable effort that leaves its mark.

FGM is proud to have shared and spread the word “eco-sustainability” in numerous projects across the world. Our aim? To continue to leave our mark, impacting and revolutionizing the way we conceive the energy of the future.

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