Our companies:

Logo Solar concept tecnology.png
Solar Concept Tecnology

Founded in early 2017. With Solar Concept we focus on revamping and maintenance activities for PV Farms.

Logo Fgm solar plant.png
FGM Solar Plant

Founded in late 2017. We focus our attentions on the managing side, when it comes to Fgm Solar Plant.

Logo FGM orizzontale.png
FGM Solar

Founded in 2013, where everything started. The main focus of this company is the development and research for business improvements.

Logo teksolar.png

Joint Venture between TEK SOLAR and FGM SOLAR in 2018 for Ben Ban's plots.

FGM Solar Spain

REA: 02/50/0013581

NIF: N0662208H

Still not an FGM location, but we're working to extend our company also in Spain.

logo FGM Ucraino.png
FGM Solar Ukraine

Founded in mid 2018 for some pv plant located in Ukraine.

logo FGM Spagnolo.png