Ramming Activities

Problem-solving, Speed and quality that's what makes our Ramming Operators special.

We work with the best equipment in terms of ramming and drilling machinery, right now we own 7 ramming machines and drilling machines ready to be shipped anywhere. We are working with the best quality of Ramming Machine, MGI is synonymous of quality and efficiency. 

Moreover we are tester of a new generation of ramming machine MACCHINE GENERALI IRPINE, an evolution of ramming machine, faster and efficient than first generations.


Drilling and Perforations

Great results with our Operators

  • We founded a company specialized in drilling and perforations. Our team is extremely skilled to drill every kind of rock and to perform the job with the best technologies supported by 20 years of experience. We have the capacity of adapting to the project needs.

  • Here you find some of the main activities:

  • Drilling

  • Pre - Drilling

  • Micro Piling

  • Consolidations

uomo e pannelli

Photovoltaic Modules Installation

We can do it faster and better

We built over 970 MW of projects across Europe, Africa, Middle East and USA. We have mounted many kinds of fix structures and trackers granting our skilled workers knowledge to face and solve all sort of issues, moreover we have the regards by the most important structure providers in the world.

Pannelli fotovoltaici

Electrical Activities

Over the years FGM gained a great experience on different kind of activities, including: Mechanical activities, civil works and electrical activities. We work at 360° offering a complete set of skills to take on projects from start to finish.

Ingegnere civile

Civil Works

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Telecamera di sicurezza

Video Surveillance

We create security and attendance monitoring systems for the protection of photovoltaic fields, studying specific solutions in consideration of the characteristics of the terrain and the environment.

Our goal is to be able to identify intruders on long perimeters even in adverse weather conditions and to monitor the presence of people inside the structure, facilitating their control from a single location, even remote.